Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Musings...

Amazingly fantastic:

British friend in Moscow giving me a HUGE box of matches...

So I can light these...

Walking into the Christ the Savior Cathedral while the choir is singing.  Learning you can share the name of a person you want to pray for and they will include it in their singing.  Closest thing to pure heaven on earth.
New car so Steve can drive himself to work...although he left the window open last night...

(just kidding about the window)

Asking for directions and having a Russian walk with me for 5 minutes to show me the way....I was astounded and thanked her profusely over and over - "spasiba!  spasiba!"  She made my day!!!
Not banana peeling on the ice (believe it or not, I’ve yet to see one person hit the deck)...

But instead, doing what we call “the whiplash” where your boot slides about 2 feet on the ice, causing you to brace up, eyes big as saucers, head snaps back, heart rate shoots to 200 beats per minute and you do one big “body flinch”...but you stay in a vertical position.  You see everyone doing this...Russians are very quiet about it....I scream loudly.
Taking three metro lines, a bus and a tram to find a small kiosk on the outskirts of town that sells a three pronged American plug adapter and converter.  Danced a small jig and hugged the kiosk owner!  All in the name of using our glorious wine fridge we brought from the U.S.
Having an armed guard say “zdrastvute”....which is a long word for “hello” in Russian.  This almost never happens from those of authority but Steve and I got it last weekend - amazing!

A bit of a bummer:
Thinking a place on the ground is iced over only to “boot through” up to the mid calf region.  Very, very cold and wet.
Finding something great and rare at the grocery store only to go back for months not being able to find it again...
Taking an “up” escalator then learning there is no “down”.  Twilight Zone-esque.  Finally found the elevator at the other end of the store, around the corner, up a few stairs and through the hallway.  This kind of thing happens all the time.  A tad bit bizarre.

Sense of humor, sense of humor...but all in all, it's great.

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  1. FYI - The escalator trick is not so odd to those of us in the Boston area...rarely is the road to somewhere the same road home. It's pretty funny.