Monday, February 14, 2011

All dressed up with someplace to go...

We entered Friday night in our book of Moscow highlights!  The International Women’s Club of Moscow delivers an incredible experience with the Embassy Ball they put on every February.  When we purchased a ticket we were assigned to one of the many embassies in Moscow for a lavish dinner with the Ambassador and his wife and about 20 other attendees (members of the club from all over the world).  After the embassy dinner, everyone left their assigned embassy and met up at a wonderful hotel for cocktails and dancing.  When we entered the ball, there were bars on each side and a huge table with nothing but vodka shots - a bit of a self-serve option if you were so inclined (when we left for the evening, the table was empty).  It was quite the evening!
We were assigned the Irish Embassy.  The Ambassador, His Excellency Philip McDonagh, and his wife, Dr. Ana Greenfall, were lovely hosts in their beautiful home...

At the Irish Embassy...

New friends...Steven from London and Natalia from Moscow                                                                               (My Steve drinking Guinness...what else when in Ireland?)

The 2 men standing are Russian and kicked off the many rounds of toasts (which is very Russian!).  The Ambassador's wife sitting at the head of the table, a German gentleman to her left, a Russian wife on the near right).

The men standing to toast the beautiful women in the room - loved it!!

Sharing a laugh with the Ambassador (he was previously the Ambassador to the Vatican and had photos of his family with the Pope throughout his fantastic!)

At the ball - I believe these are the Ambassadors and wives from Chile, Peru and Columbia

On the dance floor at the end of the night...


  1. OK, we know Steve has a tux. Does he have a fur hat yet? That's the picture we need.

  2. Tally of the vodka shots?

  3. Well.....Steve doesn't have a fur hat yet...BUT....he does have a fur hood on his expedition parka (I'll sneak a photo and post it...)!

  4. Annie, the girls and I just had a blast reading your blog. Cameron, especially, thinks you're "way cool" to up and move to Russia. Looking forward to reading about your escapades!