Friday, March 11, 2011

Beautiful Tver!

I was graciously invited to join a small group on a special private tour of Tver - an old medieval town north of Moscow an hour by train.  I had been told that the “real” Russia is often found outside the bustling busy city -  a treat was in store.
There is a certain elegance to the Russian culture and architecture.  The wisps of snow on cathedral domes, the delicate detail of trim found on most buildings, even the bark on the trees seems to be special.  We found an old wood cathedral made without a single nail and were given a private tour of the School of Embroidery where girls learn to design with gold thread.  When it started to snow at the end of the day...I thought it was too good to be true.
I want to transport you to Tver - I put together a small collection of photos to share the experience (per the link below).  At the end you will see the group - flanked on either side by our tour guide on the left and our interpreter on the right.  I hope you see the beautiful elements I saw ... what else do you see?    

Enjoy Tver!