Monday, February 13, 2012

Chattering Teeth

May I vent for a second?  IT’S FREAKIN COLD IN MOSCOW!!!!  

Thank you, I feel better.

I know, I know...what did we expect?  It’s Russia after all.  But this winter has been bitter.  The kind of “don’t expose your skin for more than 10 minutes at a time” bitter.  Today started at -25 Fahrenheit.  While we want to experience the true essence of Moscow...spring is now any time.   
I keep thinking of the scene in Dr. Zhivago when they walk into their long lost home in Siberia to find it completely frozen over....

Our apartment

This is Steve coming home from the office:

(not really)

This is us on the way to the gym:

Now you really can’t experience the full force of winter without constant dry, sandpaper, thirsty skin.  I’m hunting around Moscow for a full body dipping service....similar to a flea dip for dogs.  I’m all for a big vat of moisturizer or paraffin to dip my entire self into several times a week.  Perhaps my next entrepreneurial gig!

Full body size please!