Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moving Day!

Whew!  Yesterday was moving day, the first of 3 days.  The movers will be back on Monday and Tuesday....not because our house is ginormous but because shipping household goods overseas and/or storing them in a warehouse for years on end takes special packaging.  Who knew?  Shrink wrapping, thermal paper, special coddling and gentle handling - bring it on!   We want our stuff to look even better when we see it again years from now.  (We are only taking about 5% of what we own - and practically no furniture, although the wine fridge made the list!).  I’ve had a tear in my eye saying farewell to favorite books, memorabilia, etc. knowing that our paths won’t cross for a long time.  But...many more new things to take in overseas.  We’ve been told IKEA will become our best friend.  Moscow, by the way, is so large, it is home to 3 IKEAs!
The movers arrived right on time. I was hoping they would arrive a bit late to allow for the last minute once over, but not a chance.  Not only did they arrive on the dot, they were a team of SIX!!!  Now, I have moved 17 times in my life (that is the Army Brat truth).  Never have I seen movers show up with SIX people.  If you’ve ever moved, you know the success of moving day depends on your ability to stay 10 steps ahead of the movers....and in our case, this is particularly important as we had to constantly point out, “this goes by air”, “this goes into storage”, “no, wait, let’s throw that out”, “do we need 30 training towels or 40”, (we seriously had this discussion - five would probably suffice).  We are, after all, moving into a small, two bedroom, cozy apartment in downtown Moscow a third the size of our Atlanta home.  

The movers moved through our house like a tsunami and were done in what felt like 20 minutes.  At the onset of the morning I asked them to leave the kitchen for last as we were still picking out which “pot” (not “pots”) and which pan (not “pans”) to take with us.  Ten minutes after this discussion I walked into the kitchen to realize the pots and pans were all packed....then the “unpacking” began...

                                                           Our "pot" and "pan" were in this mix early in the day