Friday, November 5, 2010

The Beginning...

My inaugural blog posting!  So much to share as Steve and I prepare for our big move east…waaay east…to Moscow.  We're 3 weeks away from our official launch date (Nov. 27th) and preparation is in full swing.

First off, today is my last day with Deluxe.  After recently celebrating 20 years, putting down the check box and loyalty solutions wasn't as easy as I thought.  I've had to say farewell to incredible co-workers and clients - many of whom have become great friends.  On the horizon, I'm looking into a possible U.S. Olympic Committee position as Russia will host the 2014 winter Olympics, (a bit of a dream job).

Steve is in Moscow for the next 2.5 weeks launching into his new role and preparing our new apartment for our move-in, (we're across from the Kremlin and Red Square).   As I hold down the fort stateside, my list includes turning in company car, completing inventory of all our household goods, determining what will go into storage, what will ship via air and what will ship via sea, making the 99th trip to Goodwill, determining how we're going to pipe in U.S. television in Moscow, listening to Russian language tapes and buying fleece, Gortex, a big down puffy jacket and fur!!!!  It's already snowing in the motherland.

We keep pinching ourselves asking "is this really happening"? It is happening and we can't wait for what lies ahead. 

P.S.  Priority #1 when we land in Russia:  Buy big furry Russian hat!  More to come...

      (Photo above taken from our hotel room in Moscow several months ago.)