Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving Day Part Deux!

Our household goods FINALLY arrived from the U.S. yesterday...angels are singing - and I’m hitting the high notes!  Our “camping” days are over. I started making dinner last night and realized I had a choice of pans to use, I didn’t have to “mince” cheese since I could use our grater and actually had a device to drain the pasta.  I realize our pioneer ancestors never had these implements.......but........since we do, I missed them more than I realized.   Actually, the truth is, Steve and I have both said many times that we can get along with a lot less - and perhaps that’s not a bad thing.
Boxes are everywhere but it brings a sense of comfort and memories of growing up.  I moved 15 times (with my military family) and there’s just something great about having moving boxes around - a sense of new beginnings and it’s kind of like opening up a ton of gifts  - although that lasts about 8.2 seconds once the realization of the volume of boxes to be torn through sets in.  All said, our house is beginning to feel more like a home.
We had temperature highs in the single digits this week.  It seems to be constantly snowing - although it’s never more than light flurries - it just accumulates because it’s “on” most of the time.  Steve and I are having a hard time adjusting to the constant bundling and unbundling of gear.  This includes heavy socks, long johns, a minimum of several layers to cover the torso, hat, gloves, sometimes glove liners, scarf and boots!  You pray you didn’t forget anything once the boots go on because you can’t walk back through the apartment as this will track muck through the house from the last time you ventured outdoors, (refer to blog dated Dec 8th). You also have to strip down the minute you walk back in the door, at least the boots...again, because you can’t “track” through the house. day long. Even going to the store for a few small items - full gear up!  

Yesterday, I geared up for the 4th time as I prepared to head to the gym at 6 p.m.  As I walked out the door I realized I had on my lightweight running tights but forgot to put my heavy jeans on overtop.  I paused....thought about it for a second...decided I could not take on the “unbooting” process yet again...“naaah, I’ll be fine!”.  It’s just a 15 minute walk, after all.      Critical mistake.     These lightweight running tights are perfect for, say, springtime Atlanta.   Without exaggeration, I could not feel my legs for the last 5 minutes of the jaunt - and I was practically running at that point, as best I could, traversing across patches of ice and snow dodging in and out of Muscovites in their heavy full length furs....what was I thinking??