Friday, January 14, 2011

The Eurosports Channel...

If you’ve ever travelled, or lived, in Europe - you’ve probably taken in the Eurosports Channel. This is Europe’s version of ESPN with a few twists....actually quite fascinating (and sometimes not so much) with its volume of obscure sports.
Take for example...
Desert motorcross - where dirt bikes and mini trucks race across desert land up and down huge sand dunes...??
Darts....yes, Darts. (This really needs no explanation....took a championship nap watching this one).
Foosbol - this features grown men duking it out on a foosbol table complete with referees and cheerleaders.....?????  Another great sleep aid when all else fails.

“Expedition Freeride Spirit” - where the craziest of the crazy snowboard down untouched, no trail,  steep snow terrain at night with little head lamps lighting their way.... they catch massive air doing triple backflips, etc. and almost always have a near miss landing in the pine trees they’re bobbing and weaving through.  Do their mothers know they’re doing this?

And of course endless coverage of hockey and soccer (er.... futbol). You can also catch alpine sports pretty much 24/7 - the type we Americans typically only see every 4 years during the winter Olympics:  ski jumping, luge, snowboard cross, cross country skiing, Super G, downhill slalom.
I’m actually fairly intrigue by the biathlon (cross country skiing + shooting) and have started asking around about a club team...

I just flipped through the channels to see if I was missing something and caught the last 30 seconds of female arm wrestling...whoa.  It appears Russia wins this a lot.

(this is not me)

With all of these crazy sports....why is it that Europeans don’t understand our love for American football??  C’mon man!