Monday, April 18, 2011

When in Georgian!

Steve with the Moellering girls at Khachapuri - our new fave Georgian restaurant!

When in Georgian...and we're not talking southeast United States.  Georgian food is, in a word, delicious!!  We had our first introduction during our Moscow “look-see” in August.  Our good friends, the Grimes, recently re-introduced us in February - and now we’re hooked!
As you may know, there has been a long standing conflict between Russia and Georgia, to the degree Georgian wine is banned from consumption in Russia. is fair game and Russians love it as much as we do - herbs, spices, nuts, eggplant, pomegranate, shish-ka-bob, fish...

Eggplant wrapped around a walnut mixture w/pomegranates...

Satsivi - chicken in a walnut sauce...


Lavish Bread...also very popular - khachapuri- bread stuffed with cheese...heaven!

You may remember reading about my "sledgehammer to the knees" incident going in the "out" at the metro (blog dated 2/21/11).  My sweet sis-in-law, Amy, received a brief taste of the experience on her hand when she and Steve were passing the metro card between the gates - aaaaaagh!!!
The "pain" of the metro....not nice to instill on visitors!