Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The days of the large capacity washing machine and dryer are yet a distant memory.  And the stacking washer/dyer?  Nyet.  But we are now proud users of the ever popular European “combo” model.  Our machine has two starring roles...washer by day...dryer by night.  The same machine does both theory.

Here's the little Russian, of course.
It actually does a fairly good job in the washing department.  It hasn’t turned any of our “whites” completely gray although it’s capacity amounts to a pair of boxers, a pair of socks and maaaybe a t-shirt.  Any more than that - an error message pops up and I start taking items out.  And so clothes washing is in process pretty much 24/7. 
When the wash cycle is done, turn the knob to the dry cycle....and...well, you have what might be described as more of a “dehumidifying” process.  No hot air - just tumbling which often causes the clothes to become more damp than when you started.  The drying rack has become king in our household.  We can get one single sheet to dry if we put that puppy through the “dehumidifier” about 5 times.  Yahtzee!
Check out the nap on a towel we ran through the process (this is a typical bath towel): 

Does this whisper silky softness?  How about Brillo Pad along with sand blasting exfoliation and complete skin removal??  Ah, but our skin is so dry, the wire brush-like action actually does us some good!