Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Chocolate Factory!

"Red October"...pronounced "Krahs-nya Ak-tyah-bar"

We live on an island on the Moscow River, literally.  And...we live near the former Moscow Chocolate Factory - brings a hint of sweet happiness just knowing it’s there. The factory operations were recently relocated outside of town but the building remains.  The former factory, called Red October, has been converted info great restaurants, cafes, galleries, shops and bars.  

This is the island - the black outline at the top is the Kremlin, Chocolate Factory is at the tip of the island in red.

We experienced the bar action first hand last weekend - Steve and I unexpectedly found ourselves with friends “clubbin” at several of the bars until 3 a.m. Saturday night!  What????  - you say.    I know...we can’t remember the last time we were out on the town until the wee small hours...not to mention ever “clubbin” before.  We decided we have to do it from time to time - it’s part of the experience...and the people watching is fantastic.   Moscow nightlife is world class...very loud techno music...everyone, and I mean everyone, is smoking (Steve and I are considering taking up smoking as the first hand smoke is much better for us than the second hand smoke....this can only help our triathlon training - right?).  

The factory in warmer days...

The factory on the tip of the island

Chocolate bear made back in the day - nice gold necklace!