Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grocery Shopping Moscow Style...

Ventured into our grocery store today - the fact that it is in our apartment building is a huge bonus as it is minus all rational temperatures outside at the moment.
Here’s what I found...Eva Longoria (U.S. actress) greeted me as I walked in.  She was standing as a life-sized cut out and did not look at all Russian.  She’s apparently a spokesperson for a hair color line....purple seemed to be sold out. 
Skittles - they must have 30 different varieties of Skittles combinations (tropical, sour, passion fruit, arctic blast...).  This nation is crazy about the rainbow of bite sized candy - who knew? 
Other brands I recognized - Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Garnier for hair, several US toothpaste brands, Nivea.  Lots of flavors and sizes of baguettes, pastries, the chocolate aisle was endless.  Lots of salmon, chicken and many items hard to make out but appear to be in the pate family.  Frozen food was somewhat limited but pre-made perogies and puff pastry seem to be a hit. Yogurt went on and on - drinkable, thick, custard style, etc.  I was thrilled many products had a picture of what was inside or was in a see-through bag, like pasta.  Otherwise, we’ll be hoping to win the lottery each time...although that could get fun.  Perhaps we’ll buy a surprise item each week just to roll the bones!  The other challenge - even if we know what’s inside, we can’t read the preparation directions.   But who needs those any way?  Cooking directions are overrated...

Found this under our kitchen sink...any idea what this is for?  My guess - to keep the pipes unclogged...but who knew our pipes were coated with candy-colored sprinkles? How fantastic!


  1. Ha ha, who knew shopping could be so fun!! I'm thinking they put Skittles down your pipes - a bag of each kind - to make them smell nice and look appealing to those ho get stuck doing the dishes. That thing in the picture has to be a pipe Skittle replenisher of some sort.

  2. Nice blog. Make sure to check expiration dates on everything at the stores! The thing you found under the sink is indeed a drain/pipes clog remover. Google Translate does a pretty decent job with Russian if you need to translate cooking directions.

  3. I think you're supposed to drink it. It melts away all of the candy sprinkles lining your arteries.