Monday, November 29, 2010

The Arrival...

On terra firma in Moscow!  But I seem to be missing something....ah husband!  I arrived...Steve did not.  
Here’s the scenario:  We’re at the Atlanta airport on Saturday checking in with Delta and I just happened to open our freshly delivered visas/passports (they arrived first thing Saturday morning for our afternoon flight).  While I was comparing our approved entry and exit dates, (side note:  Russia is very specific about which day you can enter and exit the country, wrong date = no entry), I notice my entry date was 11/28, Steve’s was 11/29.  There was no way he was going to get into the country yesterday.
So...Steve flew to Kiev, Ukraine, (he was going to fly there this morning for a meeting any way) and I went solo to Moscow.  I hope to meet up with him around 2 a.m. when he arrives at the hotel.  What would travel be without a little drama?
I flew with a total of 6 huge bags!!! Delta cast pity on us and allowed me to take a few of Steve’s due to our drama.  I must have looked ridiculous at baggage claim as I somehow, single-handedly, hoisted all 6 bags on top of each other on a baggage  cart “leaning tower of Pisa style”.  A Russian porter did offer to help...for $40 US dollars!  I thought he said $14 and when I confirmed, I dug deep and found my inner Helga and hoisted those puppies one on top of another.  I knew there was no other choice as I needed to get through customs and security.  Unbelievable.
I stopped by the apartment which is truly fantastic.  This is the photo I took of the Kremlin this morning from our living room window...

and while it was a beautiful sunshiney day, this is the photo I took outside our kitchen window...and yes, that is snow on the ground, (whimper)...

I also just noticed my computer has turned Russian.  My Google headings and side bar items  are now all in Russian.  Well, thank goodness I know Russian...oh wait...


  1. Annnnnnn (Helga)!! We miss you already!! That temperature is scary. **eeeeeks** You need to post a picture in one of those fancy, furry hats!

  2. Ann,

    I *think* you should be able to go to for the English version of the Google web page.

    You should also be able to set your preferences at

    Hope that helps!

  3. Ann, I think things will get better at airports and taxicabs once you learn a little Russian. One phrase that we may have to get from Rosetta Stone really quick is, "$40 bucks? How about $10 bucks and a box of Tic-Tacs for your Vodka breath?"

    And another good phrase would be, "I know karate!" and then start flipping out with some wicked air chops and spinning back kicks against a light post as demonstration. Throw in a summersault that rolls right into a fighting stance and they will know that you mean business.

    I always did those at the start of local 5k races so people didn't crowd me at the start line.

    Paul Kindzia

  4. Wow! What an adventure! So glad you are there safely!