Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hi Dubai!

We just returned from a glorious, relaxing long weekend in Dubai with a good friend and Moscow mentor, David Telepak.  Dubai is incredible...

We took Emirates Airlines which was quite impressive...

Love the uniforms!
Upon arrival, we headed out to the taxi stand and had 2 lines to choose for parties that included a female (women are required to take taxis with women drivers) and one for men only.  We hopped aboard a taxi with the sweetest female driver...she called me “Darling” the duration of the trip to the hotel.  Most everyone in Dubai speaks English.

The next 4 days were filled with beach time, fantastic shopping (Dubai is home to the largest mall in the world - yahtzee!), exploring the desert and fantastic food.

High rise condos and hotels the length of the beach...

These camels were sun bathing along with us!  SPF 5000...

The native dress was from the UAE (United Arab Emirates) wore white robes and white head gear, men from Saudi Arabia (right next door), wore the same white robes with red and white checked head gear.  Women were wearing all kinds of things.  Some in full berka....which I have to say, I found fascinating.  We asked a woman in full cover for directions and it was so unusual, and a bit startling, to talk only to her eyes.  She couldn’t have been more friendly.  I noticed almost every woman (including our taxi driver) was carrying a very expensive handbag, beautiful jewelry and fancy shoes.  I was dying to peek underneath to see what clothes they were wearing.  No doubt, most had on very expensive couture.

We had been told by many that the desert safari was a must do. Thirty minutes outside Dubai, we arrived at the desert - it looked like a scene right out of Lawrence of Arabia

The setting sun was perfect for this shot! 

We didn’t know what to expect but once our jeep arrived at the desert, our driver deflated the tires and “floored it” for the next 30 minutes!!!  We now know this is called “Dune Bashing”!  Thank goodness all of us had good sea (desert) legs.  This was a roller coaster ride of unparalleled proportions.  We were at 90 degrees a few times....up and down the dunes....speeding through sand embankments...catching air - a wild, wild ride!

We arrived at a camp with other “bashers”, sat on the ground and ate native food - lots of grilled lamb, nuts, dates, apricots, hummus, pita bread...and belly dancer entertainment...when in have to take in some belly dancing! Thank goodness, post-meal, our drive home was on a flat surface...

At the end of our first camel ride....whoa horsey... (notice the spit preventer!)

In the dunes with our good friend David...


  1. I bet the jeep driver in the desert didn't compare to the talent of our San Fran taxi driver. Did he drop a couple f-bombs for effect as well?

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  3. Hi,
    Nice Blog!

    My Name is Mark. I met David Telepak years ago in Tapei Taiwan While visiting with a mutual friend. I took a shot of him and painted his portrait from it. I'd give it to him if I knew a way to contact him. Any chance you can help me out?