Saturday, January 29, 2011

Up on the roof tops...

All over town, workers are constantly feverishly knocking snow off roof tops.  This is happening outside our courtyard windows now:

The issue is that snow significantly accumulates on roof tops and when it warms up, the heavy snow starts to melt and slides off in huge chunks - presenting danger for anyone walking below.  Buildings often have rope cordoning off sidewalks close to the building to prevent accidents.  This requires you to then walk in the street...which poses another whole set of dangers....but we won't go there.

This is not from this year - we haven't seen anything close to this much snow...yet...

There are several theories as to why the iconic Russian "onion domes" are shaped the way they theory is the shape allows snow to easily slide off...   In any case, they are beautiful!

On the Kremlin grounds during our "Look See" in August...

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  1. Ahhhh! Ann and Steve! That is a really cute picture of the you two. I know I normally write smart*ss comments, but I just couldn't this time. We miss you two!!