Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The infamous COLD...

How do you prepare for the unknown?  
Steve and I, being big fans of mild winters, have always said we wouldn’t want to live north of the Carolinas.  Steve has gone so far as to say he wouldn’t want to live any where where he’d need to take a dog sled to work.  Well, you know the rest of that story...

                                          (Steve and I dogsledding in Colorado...an omen!)

It’s not that cold climates are foreign to us....we make an annual pilgrimage to Colorado to snowboard with the family and Steve lived in New Hampshire for 5 years.  No strangers to the cold - we just didn’t know we’d be relocating to the world’s frozen tundra!
Have you ever watched Dr. Zhivago?  Remember the scene where Omar Sharif is exiled to Siberia and is walking through the arctic wasteland with his eyes frozen shut and ice crystals in his beard?  Kind of makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside...
I think this video just about sums it up...

So, we’re stocking up on silk underwear, fleece, down puffy coats, hand warmers, scarfs, mittens, bomber hats, etc.  Will it be enough??  More to come...


  1. I'm not sure your list will be enough. Let me help you out there
    * Full length fur coat in brown
    * Full length fur coat in black
    * Full length fur coat in fox mix
    * Cashmere scarfs
    * Pashminas in a spectra of colors
    * Fur stoles
    * Fur muffs
    * This season's must have fur vest
    * and electric socks!

  2. Good heavens...it looks soooo cold there! Hot cider must be on the menu!
    Ann, the blog looks great and you will enjoy it as it will keep you connected with friends and family here. I am praying for safe travels and a wonderful new beginning in Moscow.

  3. Aw, thanks for adding my blog, Designing for the Soul to your blog list...very sweet!